Wireless Networks

What is a wireless network?

A wireless network is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin (excuse the cliche). It is any network that is not connected by cables. Nowadays it is a much more cost effective option to use wireless networks rather than wired due to fact it can be an expensive process introducing connecting cables into a business premises.


Which Wireless Network option is right for you?

This depends entirely on the type of business that you are a part of!

That is why we discuss your needs with you and then come up with the best network solution for your work environment.


Scenario 1: A school looking for 20 staff laptops to connect to the school network

Scenario 2: A school looking to connect 30 devices in each classroom


Although they are in the same environment these scenarios mentioned above are very different and involve diverse solutions to meet their needs correctly. Here at EAC Network Solutions we offer a variety of wireless network solutions from different vendors including Aerohive and Fortinet.


What can we offer?

  • Experience – We have over 20 years of experience in delivering tailored IT solutions to our customers
  • Ongoing Support – We are able to offer you continued support and advice due to our partnership with many well known hardware and software brands.
  • Versatility – We are flexible in our approach and can tailor how we support you to suit your needs, whether that means us acting as a third IT department or alongside your existing IT staff.


Want to get in touch with us about your Wireless networks?

Contact our team by calling 01844 215050 or emailing enquiry@eac-ns.co.uk.