What is VMWare?

VM WareVMWare is a software provider based in the USA, and VMWare often relates to the specific products they supply, such as VMWare Workstations, VMWare Horizontal Application Manager, VMWare View and VMWare vCloud Director.

The VM in VMWare stands for Virtual Machine, and is an operating system created for IBM compatible computers and servers. The Virtual Machine allows IBM users to host and use other operating systems on their machines as if it were installed and design for your IBM machine.

It allows seamless use of not just multiple operating systems, but also multiple applications too within your IBM hardware.

Why would my business use VMWare?

VMWare is a great tool for any business, not just larger organisations and schools, but smaller businesses can also achieve benefits of VMWare.

VMWare can increase your business productivity by delivering your workload and applications more quickly. It can eliminate down time and can even be used as a part of your business disaster recovery plan.

  • Reduce your business capital and operating costs.
  • Deliver faster application availability.
  • Minimise or eliminate operational downtime.
  • Increase IT productivity and efficiency.
  • Supports your business continuity and disaster recovery plans.
  • Enables a centralised management system.

So if you’re looking for help setting up and installing your business VMWare Solution, then call EAC Network Solutions for more information.