What is VDI?

VDI stands for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

It is where a virtual version of a desktop and its applications are run on a remote server. It is the separation of the desktop environment from the physical device used to access. This means that it can be accessed from any device. The virtual infrastructure is a shadow of the original desktop including its documents and hardware.

There are advantages to using VDI in your workplace:

  • Uses less electricity than physical desktops
  • If hardware needs to be installed or upgraded, it only needs to be done so once, and then all colleagues that have access to the VDI will have access to the new installation because everything is stored in the data centre
  • More security
  • Locating and fixing problems will be easier if the technician can access the hardware by logging in rather than locating an individual physical computer

Here at EAC Network Solutions we have developed VDI for use in an educational environment such as schools, within classrooms. We have found that it works very well with BYOD (bring your own device), as it allows students to bring in their own devices, such as laptops and tablets and still be able to connect to the virtual desktop infrastructure.

If you are interested in finding out whether VDI can be executed within your workplace or if you would like our services at your educational establishment, then call EAC Network Solutions on: 01844 215050 or email us on: enquiry@eac-ns.co.uk