Web Filtering Solutions

The Internet is both a wonder of the world, and a curse at the same time. There are so many great resources on the internet, that can be used to enhance productivity and learning both in Education and Commercial situations, however there are also just as much non-productive or unsavoury content on the internet.
A web filtering solution, enables a level of control over what content is allowed to be accessed and what content is blocked.
Web Filtering Solutions have evolved over the last ten years, they used to quite crude and simple (blacklist/whitelist). However with the rate of content growth and new URL’s (currently there are around 700,000,000 websites, and over 2.4 billion internet users), it is not feasible to maintain white lists or black lists. Modern web filtering solutions need to be able to scan the page contents and categorise each URL, use flesh tone scanners and link with other sites own internal filtering systems (such as Google safe search & YouTube for Schools).
A good web filtering solution, should be fairly transparent, filters the traffic in a bridged mode, rather than needing to be configured as a proxy server, especially in today’s world where personal (BYOD) devices are being added to both Education and Commercial networks.
EAC Network Solutions is proud to be a partner with, and recommend Web Filtering from Lightspeed Systems. The Lightspeed web filter allows for complete granular control of filtering internet content by; User, Group, OU, IP Address, IP Range, with each rule being assigned an order of priority. Lightspeed_Primary