Why You Should Use EAC Network Solutions as Your IT Solutions Provider

Are you in the education, commercial or charity sector, are you looking for a reliable company that can offer you the information, products and support that you need for your IT Solutions?

Someone that can help when systems go down or can advise you on the best product to complete the task you require?

EAC Network Solutions could be just the company you are looking for.

Here at EAC Network Solutions, we offer a wide range of services for your IT Solutions, to help meet and counter any problems your computer system or network might find itself up against.

Wireless Networks

EAC Network Solutions can help with the setup and any potential problems with your wireless networks. We look at each situation individually and decide on the best course of action for your needs.

Network and Cabling

Even with the evolution and progress of wireless networks, a good IT foundation is still made up of wires and cables. Here at EAC Network Solutions, we can provide a variety of options for wired networks and have years of experience to do just that.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

A Lot of areas within commercial and educational establishments are promoting the use of BYOD solutions because it allows individuals to connect and work from their own devices they have brought in from home, and can save on costs for more company owned devices such as new laptops or tablets. The solutions of using a BYOD would be set up to ensure security of the network so that you are aware of who is connecting with the network, from what device, and what they are able to do on it.

Virtual Desktops (VDI)

Offers the opportunity to allow users to access the company or school desktop with all of the software on it just as you would expect from a computer belonging to the company or school, but this is through a BYOD device. EAC Network Solutions have been developing this idea for a while, with the idea of helping schools. We can support you in the installation of virtual desktops within your company or school to enable the possibility of having full access as you would to a desktop computer, only through your own device from home.

Server Solutions and Virtualisation

This IT solution allows us to help you build the secure and affordable server solution for your business. It will allow us to support you in ensuring that it is the right choice for your company and that it will meet the needs you have in terms of server and storage expectation and requirements.

Internet and Security Web Filtering

Here at EAC Network Solutions, we have knowledge and experience to enable us to support you in making sure that your internet is secure from threats both from out on the internet and internally on the computer. We are also able to filter out web pages to ensure that your devices are being used in an appropriate way for your workplace or educational establishment.

These are just some of the ways in which EAC Network Solutions can support you in providing you with IT Solutions. For more information or to find out about the many other options we have available, contact us today on: 01844 215050 or send us an email at: enquiry@eac-ns.co.uk.