EAC Network Solutions company IT support contracts are made up of a number of elements, and are completely customisable.

Systems Covered

The number of products that can be covered by an EAC Network Solutions is completely customisable, and naturally the less that is covered the cheaper the company IT support contract. We support customers with a single product such as their Bradford Networks Solution, to customers that have full network and server support, including NAC, Wireless, Firewall, VMWare or HyperV, VDI, Network Switches, Servers, Active Directory and so on.
Our support engineers work either as 1st, 2nd or 3rd line support to your organisation. If all you need is a comfort blanket (3rd line support), we can provide this, working closely with your technical team. However if you are a small organisation (Small to Medium Business or Primary School) we are more likely to be required to provide 1st line support all the way through to 3rd line support, no problem, we can also provide this.

Support Services

Telephone Support

business customer service Unlimited telephone support, working either with an onsite IT contact or directly with an end user, EAC Network Solutions support engineers will assist with your technical problems on covered systems, providing our wealth of knowledge and experience. Typical scenarios where telephone support is primarily used, would be to discuss outstanding issues and offer guidance or basic support.

Remote Support

Unlimited remote support, working either with an onsite IT contact or directly with an end user, your EAC Network Solutions support engineers can connect to either attended (shared) or unattended remote sessions to servers and workstations on the customer site, and take control of the keyboard and mouse to resolve support issues. Remote support is typically used to carry out shared sessions to a workstation or server, to demonstrate or collaborate with a user to resolve an issue. Businessman Looking At The Monitor

Email Support

businessman pressing arrow cursor key Unlimited email support, for those occasions when it is practical to simply exchange problems, and solutions. For example when you need to ask a question but the best person to answer the question is unavailable to speak to.

Proactive Support (Monitoring)

Proactive, Preventative Maintenance, is a term we coined when we founded the company, introducing an additional level of support to our contracted customers. Using a combination of tools and monitoring agents, and a massive human element to interpret the information, our Engineers perform weekly diagnostic checks on our customers servers and monitored systems. Monitoring things such as Backups, Anti-Virus logs, System Logs, Disk Space, RAM and CPU Utilisation. Our weekly reports help to identify upcoming issues, and any problems that are identified and need to be dealt with immediately, are logged and actioned quickly. woman hands typing on keyboard

Onsite Support

ITProffessional Each of our customer support contracts can have any number of pre-paid onsite support days built into it. These days can be used to carry out any kind of support tasks, or used again project work, for example we have customers that use their onsite support days to carry out project work such as server upgrades, or the installation of new products. The benefits of buying onsite days in advance as part of a support contract are; that you are able to benefit from a discounted day rate, plus unplanned emergencies that require onsite support can be dealt with quickly without the need to raise additional purchase orders, or find budget.

Vendor Support

Vendor Support