Support Services

EAC Network Solutions is proud to be a support focused organisation. Our ethos is to build lasting relationships with each of our customers, founded on providing reliable and efficient company IT support, for both our own services and the products/solutions that we supply to our customers.

Tailored Support Services

Each customer, and each customers requirements are different. As a result our support packages need to reflect our customers needs, rather than the customer picking a support package that best fits their requirements.

The EAC Support Benefit

Whereas vendors typically only support their own products, such as Bradford Networks or Meru, EAC Network Solutions support the use of the product within each customers environment, and therefore support the configuration of the network and other integrated services or solutions, and interact with the vendor support services to work towards a suitable outcome or solution to problems that arise.
To find out more information about the types of company IT support we can offer please click here.