IT Support Oxford and Hertfordshire

Are you looking for IT Support Oxford and Hertfordshire?

EAC Network Solutions offer a range of support options for businesses, charities and education sectors.

You can choose to receive support for just one area of your IT system or multiple aspects of it.


What Types Of Support Can We Provide?


  • Telephone Support – We can give help, steps and instructions over the phone.
  • Remote Support – We can connect to remote sessions on a server to a site and remotely take control of a mouse and keyboard in order to solve any issues or problems.
  • Email Support – Email any queries relating to problems and we’ll reply with our possible solutions.
  • Proactive Support – Running weekly diagnostic checks on your IT systems to observe any potential problems that may be growing and to fix any issues that may present themselves, there and then.
  • Onsite Support – The option to have pre-paid support days allows you to use these days for any kind of support task.


There are many options for the level of support you can have as part of your contract with EAC Network Solutions.

You can choose from just one type to the whole range of support services. It depends on what level of support you feel your IT department or your company as whole would benefit from the most.

If you are still unsure and are looking for IT Support Oxford and Hertfordshire, then contact  EAC Network Solutions and we will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

Call us on: 01844 215050 or email us at: .