Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks and Wireless Solutions have evolved since their inception, 802.11b delivered speeds of 11Mbps (of which around only 6Mbps carried actual data). Today’s available wireless networking standard, 802.11ac is capable of delivering almost 900Mbps. wifi-logo
The roadmap for the Aerohive 802.11ac standard offers a potential data rate of up to 6.7Gbps

Wireless Technology

There are many different wireless networking vendors offering wireless solutions, and they all offer slightly different solutions, using a variety of technologies, such as Single Channel Architecture, Mesh Technology, Multi Cell, Virtual Cell, Adaptive Radio Management….

So which Solution should you choose?

At EAC Network Solutions we look at every individual scenario, consider the required application and density, and treat it as an individual solution. For example some customers are looking for wireless solutions for their 20 staff laptops to connect to the school network, and other customers are looking to connect 30 devices in every classroom.
These scenarios are very different and the proposed solution needs to match the needs of the customer.
EAC Network Solutions is able to offer wireless systems from a number of vendors, however in terms of Wireless Networks, our preferred vendors are Aerohive and Fortinet (Formerley Meru Networks).