Virtual Desktops

EAC Network Solutions have been working hard in the Virtual Desktop (VDI) Space for the last couple of years and have come up with an amazing solution. Our main driver was around the Education market, to provide to schools with a Productivity platform for their BYOD Solutions. However as it turns out the VDI solution that we have come up with not only is the perfect accompaniment for BYOD, but it is also perfectly well suited for any of the following requirements:
  • BYOD Productivity Platform, BYOD Users can access a school desktop, with all the school software loaded on it.
  • Remote Access Solution, Staff and Students can access their work and your software safely from off campus.
  • Curriculum teaching solution, why not use a set of IOS or Android tablets in the classroom as both a tablet and a full windows desktop device, simply attach a keyboard, and launch an App!
  • Extend the life of ageing hardware by using your old computers as thin clients.
  • Reduce budgets, Co2 use and Power consumption by deploying our VDI solution.
We have worked out that in some circumstances, where a school engages the BYOD phenomenon, and harnesses the power of a VDI solution, it is possible to save hundreds of thousands of pounds over a 5 year period, with even greater savings available beyond 5 years.
Our solution is built on Microsoft’s Hypervisor technology, and is combined with another product which not only provides additional management capabilities, but also enables the server to operate with a much lower hardware specification than normal, because it writes much of the shared files on each virtual machine into RAM, so that it does not have to read then from Disk every time.

Our VDI Features

  • Spawn new virtual machines every night, so that every workstation runs like brand new.
  • Roll out new software or updates in minutes, simply update the template virtual machine, and publish. Virtual machines that are not in use will re-spawn using the updated template, ones that are in use will wait until the user logs off.
  • Provision multiple groups of virtual computers for different user groups, using multiple templates, For Example staff have access to the MIS software and students do not.
  • Connect using any Windows, MAC, Linux, Android or IOS device.
  • Scalable solution, add more capacity, by adding additional host servers.
Please contact us to discuss how you might be able to harness the benefits of VDI