Secure Internal Access

When planning your BYOD Solution we need to consider how we implement security between each of the network segments, for example to prevent BYOD Devices on the Guest VLAN from being able to access Corporate PC’s or the Schools MIS or Database Server.

Each network is obviously different, and needs to be investigated as to the best way to implement security rules between network segments, in some environments it requires a firewall, on others it can be implemented on a layer 3 switch, or router.

Secure External Access

Controlling external (Internet) access on the BYOD network segments can normally be achieved through the implementation of rules on an existing firewall, however if your environment does not have a firewall, rules can be implemented once again at the Core on a layer 3 switch or router.

Control Internet Content

Most environments use a filtering solution to limit access to the internet. There are a couple of major considerations around filtering BYOD Solutions:

Granular Control; it is important to be able to apply rules based on IP ranges and known users/group membership.
Transparent Filtering; it is not always feasible to use a Proxy based filtering service, because there are issues around both setting the proxy, and setting possible required proxy exclusions.

BYOD Solution elements:

  • Network Infrastructure; that supports the connection of both corporate and personal devices.
  • Control & Visibility; to define a policy of what devices can connect and by who, to enforce the policy, and enable reporting on the connected devices.
  • Security; to ensure that connected devices can only access the resources they should be able to access, both internally and externally.
  • Productivity; to provide solutions than enable the BYOD devices to be used for a constructive means.

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