Productivity is in our opinion the most important of the BYOD solution elements. It is critical to give proper consideration to what devices can do once they are connected to the network, give consideration to each of the following:

  • Network Service Access; what services such as Intranet, Email and so on should each category of devices be able to access.
  • Internet Access; what web filtering and application filtering policies need to allow or block.
  • Direct Access to local resources; such as ability to print our work and access file storage.
  • Remote Desktop; access to a full remote desktop or VDI Solution, allowing for full corporate/curriculum productivity.
Obviously the required productivity levels are heavily linked with the security products required to deliver a comprehensive BYOD solution. A big part of ensuring productivity must also be by ensuring a lack of access to un-productive, time wasting elements.
In the Education market, the biggest productivity platform that any school can implement is a Remote Desktop or VDI Solution, giving Students and Staff access to a full school managed desktop, loaded with all school software, and with access to school file storage, and email. Quite simply a one stop shop, through a single platform it is possible to give access to everything, and maintain control.
If the BYOD Devices can only access the VDI Solution, it would also prevent misuse, and reduced productivity. Additionally the implementation of VDI as part of a comprehensive BYOD Solution could demonstrate a huge return on investment over time that could generate real term savings.

BYOD Solution elements:

  • Network Infrastructure; that supports the connection of both corporate and personal devices.
  • Control & Visibility; to define a policy of what devices can connect and by who, to enforce the policy, and enable reporting on the connected devices.
  • Security; to ensure that connected devices can only access the resources they should be able to access, both internally and externally.
  • Productivity; to provide solutions than enable the BYOD devices to be used for a constructive means.

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