charityAt EAC Network Solutions we understand that your charity isjust like a business, in that it has similar IT needs, and has similar levels of reliance on IT.However one key difference is that your charity’s aim is to raise as much money as possible, with which to make a difference, not to make a profit. With this in mind we always try and do what we can to help…. Extra discounts on support, projects, access to charity licences & deals, we even help with fundraising if we can.

EAC Network Solutions provide tailored and scalable solutions and comprehensive IT support to charities. Supporting your staff with their work related IT needs. Servers, Networks, Wireless Technologies, Client Devices, Security, Email, Backups, Cloud Solutions…. No problem.

Does your charity need any of the following?

  • Fast & Reliable IT Support
  • Cloud Solutions such as Office 365
  • Servers and Backup Solutions

Or if there are any other specific IT needs we would be delighted to help you.