How school computers are becoming vital to the classroom

In today’s digital world, it is impossible to ignore the continued development and innovation in technology. Having school computers or tablets in the classroom has been debated but there is no denying that using technology as a way of engaging students and helping them to learn, can be nothing but good.

As a partner to many schools across the UK, we are often asked to investigate new classroom IT equipment to determine what is the best use of technology within the learning environment.

We supply and install a variety of different IT equipment each year including:

Interactive screens (whiteboards, projectors)
Laptop and Tablet Trollies
Teacher laptops and desktops
Mobile device management
Educational Software

Why choose us?

Our company was founded by two like minded directors with over twenty years of experience in delivering IT solutions to education and commercial clients.
We have developed as a specialist solutions provider to the education sector.
We respond to your IT needs with advice, solutions and ongoing support whenever needed.

Do you need new school computers and IT equipment or are you looking to investigate what would be the best technology to use in order to meet your school’s needs?

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