Network Switches

At EAC Network Solutions we like to think of the network technologies infrastructure as the unsung hero of the IT infrastructure. All to often the Network is considered to be the cabling that simply connects stuff.

We consider your network infrastructure is the foundation layer of all your IT. If your network infrastructure is neglected and poorly configured, you will struggle to reap any benefits of your investment in other areas of IT. The analogy we use is that the network (Switches) are the Roads, to get the best return on investment of buying a new product (Sports Car?) it needs the right infrastructure. The return on investment of using a sports car on a dirt track will be poor, as will implementing new IT projects on slow or badly configured networks.

EAC Network Solutions are happy to work with a variety of Network Switch Vendors, and area able to supply and install switches, as per the requirements of each individual project.
If you have any networking projects and would like to discuss it with our specialists, please contact us.

Our preferred switch Vendors: