Network Solutions

Are you looking for various network solutions and unsure about what exactly we can help you with?

Then please read on to find out about some of the internet services we offer.

Wireless Networks

One of the solutions we are able to provide our customers with is wireless networks. No matter what your needs are, we are able to offer you different options from many vendors in order to suit your business.

Network & Cabling

Even in today’s “wireless world” it is still important to invest in network cabling in order to ensure your network is always reliable within the business and doesn’t let you down. Here at EAC Network Solutions we have a vast experience of planning, installing and maintaining wired networks for different business sectors so we are on hand to help!


It is important in many businesses today to have a “Bring your own device” network in order to ensure anyone coming into the business can have instant access to your network using their own device. Although it is still secure and not just anybody can access the network it is beneficial for businesses that have a lot of meetings and need participants to log onto to their network.


Everybody knows that with great power comes great responsibility, this is true for many scenarios including your internet security! It is important to maintain a level of network security to protect your business from external threats or even internal threats.

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