Meru System Director OS

Welcome to a new kind of network

Meru System Director, the operating system at the core of the Meru Virtualized Wireless LAN, gives you intelligent network control for reliable, scalable, predictable Wi-Fi access. It is made up of five software applications, each of which performs a critical function for wireless LANs that carry mission-critical traffic.

Air Traffic Control

airtraffic-control-small Optimize performanceSystem-wide awareness of transmissions to and from your access points.

  • Reliability: Prevent system overloads.
  • Performance: Give every device the resources it needs for peak performance.
  • Security: Detect threats before they cause damage.

Airtime Fairness

airtime-fairness-small Keep traffic flowingGovern Wi-Fi access so that every client gets the same amount of time.

  • Speed: Allow every transmission to move at its highest potential speed.
  • BYOD: Make the network equally accessible to all devices.
  • Coexistence: Blend legacy and mobile traffic.

Virtual Cell

virtual-cell-small Personalize device accessA single virtualized point of access for each device.

  • No boundaries: Your users see a single, seamless layer of coverage.
  • No anarchy: Your network—not devices—makes connectivity decisions.
  • No dropped connections: Your users move freely without losing access.

Channel Layering

channel-layering-small Increase capacity and coverageAdvanced management applications to predict and simplify WLAN operations.

  • Capacity: Deliver the best RF capacity in the industry.
  • Scalability: Add channel layers as more capacity is needed.
  • Service: Give specific users their own channels.
  • Performance: Automatically balance device load.

The Meru Solution