Everyone benefits from XtraMail

XtraMail empowers people in every role to do “a job well done”

Individual users keep working

When your email goes down, vital conversations are abruptly cut off. Thanks to XtraMail, when an outage occurs, your users will have uninterrupted access to their email.

IT staff can focus

Emergency downtime results in “quick fixes” which don’t properly address the root problem. But since XtraMail keeps email working, IT staff are free to address issues thoroughly.

Admins don’t get complaints

Administrators become swamped by grumbling and complaining when email is not working. XtraMail Webmail is straightforward to use, so there’s no need to bug the admin.

Keep working during outages

Like a spare tire for your email

Email outages leave users stranded until the cause of the problem is resolved. Productivity comes to a screeching halt and the potential for missed opportunities is high. XtraMail combats this by storing a rolling 30 day email backup. This way, users can log in to webmail and keep right on working while the tech guys get things running.

XtraMail is always on

Nothing to turn on… log in anytime

Users can login to our secure web portal from any web browser at any time… even if their regular email systems are working properly. Once XtraMail is enabled, there’s nothing to activate during an outage. XtraMail is always working behind the scenes to ensure continuity.

Filtered by CloudFilter™

Integrated spam and virus quarantine

Before being delivered, messages pass through our CloudFilter email security service. CloudFilter protects both your hosted XtraMail inbox and your primary email systems with the latest spam filtering and virus-protection technology.


Other MailProtector Services

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What Now?

If you are interested in any of our MailProtector email services please contact us on 01844 215050 of using the contact form, to discuss your requirements.