Archiving is essential

Business users need archiving… SecureStore has them covered

Avoid costly legal fees

Having access to a searchable, exportable email archive is vital. The legal system assumes businesses are adequately prepared. Email backups that are stored on tape or via other archaic storage methods simply aren’t an option any more.

1, 5, and 10 year retention

Every organization is different and needs archiving for different reasons, so we offer three storage options which are priced so everyone can benefit from SecureStore. Whether you need long or short-term storage SecureStore has you covered.

Universal platform support

SecureStore is independent of your email platform, allowing you to upgrade your email server to a new version or change your backup software without affecting the data in the archive.

Quickly search for email

Our intuitive tools make it a breeze to find the messages you need


Other MailProtector Services

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Xtramail – Your 30 Day Disaster Recovery Plan.
SecureStore – Email Archiving.
CloudMail – Hosted messaging platform.
Exchange+ – Hosted Exchange.


What Now?

If you are interested in any of our MailProtector email services please contact us on 01844 215050 of using the contact form, to discuss your requirements.