Get all the business email features you need

Cloudmail provides awesome email hosting with all the bells and whistles

Email security Included

Stay protected from email-based spam, viruses, and malware. Security is seamlessly integrated so there’s nothing to install or maintain.

Massive 25GB mailboxes

With 25 gigs of storage you’ll never have to worry about your inboxes running out of space. No more “inbox full” messages.

Flexible access options

Manage your email in your favorite email client or smartphone via POP3/IMAP, or login to our webmail console.

Live quarantine in your email client

Keep an eye on all your email in one place

CloudMail lets you view your spam quarantine as a folder right in your client (or webmail), so by simply opening the “Quarantine” folder, you can see a live view of the junk that Mailprotector has stopped.

Release messages to your inbox

If an email is improperly flagged as spam, simply drag the message out of your quarantine folder and drop it where it belongs. That’s all there is to it.

Rich email traffic statistics

Get a heads up display of your mail flow

The Mailprotector dashboard lets you get a birds eye view of your email filtering statistics with interactive charts, graphs and filtering stats. Admins have a dashboard, which shows an overall view for an account or a domain, while users have their own dashboard which shows data relevant to them.


Other MailProtector Services

CloudFilter – Protects your inbound and outbound email.
SafeSend – Custom content filtering your outbound email.
Xtramail – Your 30 Day Disaster Recovery Plan.
SecureStore – Email Archiving.
CloudMail – Hosted messaging platform.
Exchange+ – Hosted Exchange.


What Now?

If you are interested in any of our MailProtector email services please contact us on 01844 215050 of using the contact form, to discuss your requirements.