Looking for Company IT Support?

Are you looking for support with your IT but are unsure about the level of support you need? Here at EAC Network Solutions we offer a range of different support packages for you depending on your specific situation or needs.

The different company IT support options we offer include:

Telephone Support

Do you often need to discuss issues or need basic support with upgrades?

We can offer you unlimited telephone support with our team so that you have the peace of mind that help is there whenever it’s needed.

Remote Support

Are you not comfortable solving IT issues yourself even with added support?

We also offer unlimited remote support meaning we can connect to your server and take control of your screen and resolve any issues for you. This is also a beneficial way of allowing you to see how the issue is resolved so you can attempt to resolve it yourself in the future if you feel confident enough.

Email Support

We offer email support to our customers which is often the best way to communicate if you have a simple question that needs answering without taking too much time out of your day to find the resolution.

Proactive Support

If you are a contracted customer then we can also offer you Proactive Support which involves us performing weekly diagnostic checks on your system to ensure that we can try and prevent any issues from occurring.

Onsite Support

We can provide onsite support for a number of days in order to carry out tasks such as server upgrades and new installations. This type of support can be beneficial for your business as you can benefit from a discounted daily rate, and also won’t have to find cash in your budget to deal with any unplanned issues as it is already included in your contracted price.

Want to get in touch with us to discuss what Company IT support option would be ideal for your business? Call us today on 01844 215050 or email our team at enquiry@eac-ns.co.uk.