My Big Campus


The Safe, Social Network, Learning Platform and VLE

Facebook, YouTube, Blogging and My Big Campus
Many new sites including social networking sites, video sites, chat, blogs and sites which allow comments have highly dynamic content which cannot be filtered.
With no way to monitor and police what goes on inside these secure sites, it’s understandable that the education sector has taken a cautious approach and is blocking access to sites which would be very useful if their safety could be guaranteed. Recognising that there is no way to filter these sites, Lightspeed has created its own social network called My Big Campus.My Big Campus provides all of the functionality of a social networking site, including wall posts, chat, blogging and collaboration. It is linked to the web filter so everything that happens within it is filtered and monitored. My Big Campus is purposely similar to social networking sites so students and teachers can navigate it easily.

It includes a resource library with thousands of educational videos, documents, wiki-like pages and other helpful information which have been categorised.

Teachers can create groups for their classes and add resources for the groups which are automatically made available to those groups by the web filter. They are thus able to provide access to specific Web2 content, such as Youtube videos, which is made available to them without visibility of Youtube comments.

Bullying, Depression, Fights, Suicide

As well as the usual filtering for inappropriate content Lightspeed performs behavioural analisys on My Big Campus content, detecting and flagging up issues such as bullying, fights, and potential depression / suicide.

VLE Utilities:

  • Homework Scheduling and Management
  • Many schools and groups of schools embrace My Big Campus for social networking, internal communication and collaboration.
  • Lightspeed have added utilities usually only found in a VLE, to enhance its offering.
  • These include work scheduling for pupils and marking scheduling for teachers, integrated into personal calendars.

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