Lightspeed Web Filter

Enabling Safe Access

Whilst many filtering companies promote how much content they can block and how well they can stop pupils accessing sites, Lightspeed Systems prefers to discuss the content that its system can allow.

Exceptional Web Filtering For Education

Lightspeed has an exceptional web filtering solution, designed for education. Its URL database has over 1 billion entries, all grouped into education-specific categories; recognising that something which is appropriate for an older student may not be appropriate for a younger student. An example of a category could be ‘Adult Art’, which may cause a standard filter to block a website containing graphic images without knowing the context of the site – Lightspeed endeavours to make sure this type of website is categorised correctly so an art student can gain access to that site.
One of the strengths of the Lightspeed solution is the ease with which appropriate persons may over ride the normal filtering rules. With most products over riding a blocked site means involving the IT department. With Lightspeed appropriate staff (teachers) may over ride a site using their log-in credentials. These over rides are logged and operate with categories. So continuing the above example a sixth form student, studying art, may be able to over ride a block in the category Adult Art. There will however be a warning, and the over ride will be logged. For other categories, the same student would not be able to perform an over ride.
Web-zones are another simple way for teachers to over ride blocked sites. A teacher may set up a web zone and invite pupils to join the zone. Whilst in the zone the pupils may access content specifically allowed by the teacher. The teacher has the option to block all other content.

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