Lightspeed Mobile Device Manager

Lightspeed MDM is the first Mobile Device Manager designed for schools.
At a list price of £5 per device per year, Lightspeed MDM will:
  • Simplify School and Local Authority device deployments
  • Ensure safe use of devices by students in school and at home.
  • Simplify  application deployment and device configuration
  • Centralise and control application and media purchasing.
  • Empower teachers to control  feature and application use
  • Manage hardware and software inventory

MDM Functionality

The MDM is initially released for iOS devices and has three key functionality areas:

Automation of device configuration and application deployment

The Lightspeed MDM enables the creation and management of device profiles.
What is a profile?
A profile is a complete configuration for the  device. It includes:
  • Device Settings
    • Wi-Fi settings, Proxy settings, network settings, passcode settings
  • Functionality Restrictions. (Allow / prohibit users ability to)
    • install apps, make in app purchases,  use face time, use the camera,  etc.
  • Application and link deployment and restriction
    • Prohibit use of pre-deployed applications such as YouTube, Safari
    • Deploy applications
    • Deploy links on the desktop to selected sites
How are profiles deployed?
The profiles are applied to devices, by the MDM, over the wireless network. They may be applied to:
  • Individual devices, or devices belonging to named users
  • Carts of devices
  • The devices belonging to a class or department
  • The devices belonging to a school
  • The devices belonging to a local authority.
Profile management is hierarchical, so for example a school can apply a profile to all its devices, and a teacher can amend the profile for a class. (etc)This means for example, that if there is a general policy to turn off cameras, the teacher can over ride this for a class, for a lesson.

Enforce Safe Browsing from every location

So….  Lightspeed can prohibit Safari, and enforce deployment of the Lightspeed Mobile Filter.This is a browser which works in tandem with the Lightspeed Web Filter, enabling filtering rules to be enforced from any location.
Enforce Safe Social Networking and Blogging
Lightspeed can turn off Facebook and replace  it with  Lightspeed My Big Campus.

My Big Campus is:

  • A safe, monitored Social Networking environment – replacing student and staff need for Facebook
  • A safe monitored blogging site
  • An advanced  web based VLE
  • An unlimited source of network storage
  • A cloud based word processor – eliminating the need to deploy word / pages on iPADs
Empower teachers to provide access to blocked resources
MyBigCampus is also integrated with the Lightspeed web filter enabling teachers to easily make web resources which would normally be blocked (such as known safe YouTube videos) available to their students.
It also enables teachers to cache known safe resources on student iPADs enabling those without home broadband to complete assignments.

Centralisation of application and media purchasing

The Lightspeed MDM Integrates with the Apple Volume Purchasing Plan, enabling schools or Local Authorities to simplify and centralise purchases of applications and media resources.
The Volume Purchase Program allows educational institutions to purchase iOS apps and books in volume and distribute them to students, teachers, administrators, and employees.

Management, Management Information and Reporting

The Lightspeed MDM provides management information and reporting on the devices.  It provides in hardware and software inventory, information on the device such as storage use, battery power etc and enables reporting on many aspects of device use, by user and device. The MDM also centralises and automates updates.

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