There are a whole bunch of internet connection services out there, and all the different network providers have their own names for some of the services, some services are contended, synchronous or asynchronous, in short it can be pretty confusing comparing the available products. If you need help choosing the right product for your school or business just contact us, we will be glad to help you.

Because EAC Network Solutions are independent, we are able to supply internet connectivity solutions from all the major network providers, and because we are able to buy the services at a discounted rate, it will not cost you any more than if you dad gone direct. However we are much easier to deal with, and because we are completely customer service oriented we will do our best to ensure the transition to your new service is a smooth as possible, for example we will be able to reconfigure your firewall, and advise your service provider on changing your DNS records.

If your organisation is a school, and looking at moving away from your old connection that was provided by county, then look no further, contact us, we can tailor a solution to meet your needs, because you are likely to also need internet filtering, and email solutions too.
Whatever the speed, whatever the overall need, we will be able to provide a solution.