A Firewall is a Hardware or Software-based network security system that is used to control the incoming and outgoing traffic between two or more network segments. Typically controlling the boundary between the internal networks and the external network (the Internet), although bigger enterprise networks often deploy firewalls between the core services such as servers, and the edge of the network, where the client devices connect.

As an independent solutions provider, EAC Network Solutions have been installing and configuring firewalls for a number of years, working with products from many of the major vendors, such as Checkpoint, Palo Alto, Watchguard, Sonicwall, Smoothwall, Fortigate, Microsoft ISA & TMG. Working with new and existing customers to either change the network configuration, or implement new products EAC Network Solutions are happy integrating with just about any Firewall.

Diagram of firewall
EAC Network Solutions does however have a preferred firewall vendor, which we believe provides the very best return on investment, at a very competitive price point. Cyberoam have a wide variety of physical and virtual firewall appliances, with a UTM or Next Generation model to suit every situation, and a software platform that is able to deliver the most comprehensive secure configuration.
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If however you have your own preferred firewall vendor, please feel free to contact us, and we can discuss how we can build a solution around your preferred product.