Dynamic Network Control

Education and Commercial Networks these days, are being used by virtually everything, CCTV, VoIP, Catering Systems, Door Access Controls, Buildings Management, Fire Alarms and so on. With all of these additional uses and load on the IT Network, networks are having to become more complex and multi tiered. Many solutions are assigned their own VLAN, putting the onus on the IT department to configure the access for each of these systems.

Role Based Access

Bradford Networks Role Based Access, allows any network device to be assigned a Role when it’s MAC address is registered with Bradford. Profiles can be created to assign a VLAN to each Role, taking into account other additional criteria, such as a port group or location. Making it possible to configure for example any of the scenarios below, and many more:
  • VoIP Device, Site Wide = VLAN 2
  • Student BYOD Device, Academic Areas = VLAN 10
  • Student BYOD Device, Pastural Areas = VLAN 11
  • Staff BYOD Device, Site Wide = VLAN 20
  • School owned Device, Academic Building A = VLAN 30
  • School owned Device, Academic Building B = VLAN 31
  • Logged on User is Staff Member, Academic Building C = VLAN 21
Using Role Based Access the possibilities are endless, and the rules are relatively simple to manage. The time saved implementing network changes is Priceless.

The Bradford Networks Solution