Anti Virus Solutions

EAC Network Solutions strongly recommend all of our customers deploy a stringent Anti-Virus policy. We have noticed in recent years, that although Anti-Virus products have been very fast to react to the major virus outbreaks, and particularly nasty viruses, there are still plenty of less malicious, albeit annoying viruses about that seem to evade detection. I guess it is symptomatic of the way the industry works, it terms of always playing catch-up, releasing code to detect viruses that already exist.
Anti Virus Solutions: We recommend deploying multiple tiers of Anti-Virus protection where possible, the major ones each organisation should try to implement as a minimum are as follows:
Endpoint Protection, every computer and server on the network should have Anti-Virus software to detect local threats. this level of protection minimises the effect of opening something that is infected with a virus. EAC Network Solutions partner with ESet and Sophos as our preferred solutions for endpoint protection.
Email Protection, every customers email server should run a specific email Anti-Virus product, that will scan all inbound and outbound messages as a minimum. Mailprotector is our preferred tool to protect your organisations email from the threat of viruses, regardless of whether your email server is on-premise or hosted in the cloud.
Gateway Anti-Virus, is a solution that is normally implemented as part of a Unified Threat Management or Next Generation Firewall Product. Gateway Anti-Virus trys to identify any virus threats even before they enter your network, typically most effective in protecting the threat of users contracting a virus via web browsing activity.
If you would like help or advise in relation to your Anti-Virus protection please Contact Us.