As technology is evolving, there is an increasing need for faster, more secure networks that can keep up with our use and also the need of mobile connections for our devices is also growing. We need to be able to access the internet from anywhere at anytime. This is where Aerohive comes in.

What is Aerohive?

Aerohive is a cloud networking platform. It is has been designed and built upon a distributed control architecture. With its single architecture design, it can connect from one access point to many multiples of access points.

With Aerohive, there is a choice of public or private cloud options depending on what the network will be used for and the level of privacy and security you want it to have.

Why Aerohive?

  • It increases speed on the network this in turn would increase productivity when researching or collaborating on projects stored in the cloud.
  • It gets rid of any points of failure within the network, this would improve the network and keep it maintained and running smoothly.
  • It provides companies with visibility and control of the network, this decreases any unnecessary use of the network that may not be acceptable, such as game sites during classes within educational institutions.
  • Enables smarter troubleshooting for problems that may occur. This would enable problems to be resolved as soon as possible, therefore not causing as much inconvenience to the working day and productivity levels.
  • A better and larger scale of connectivity.

The Aerohive networks can be used in a variety of sectors, from enterprises, to retail, to education, there is a positive application for the use of Aerohive. An example is that it allows the increasing ease of access for BYOD programmes and its cloud-management wireless network solutions enable ease of access to documents from various access points to the cloud.

Do you think Aerohive may be the solution to your connectivity and network troubles?

Do you want to introduce the system and find out the benefits for yourself?

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